Ultimate Loc Saint 2GB USB "The Wing"

Ultimate Loc Saint 2GB USB "The Wing"

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Order Your Ultimate LSM USB, The "Wing" which comes pre-loaded with 2 GB worth of Loc Saint Music. It contains thee entire LSM official discography as well as the un-official releases and brand new, never before heard and completely unreleased Loc Saint Songs. Here is the full 2GB USB list:


1.Loc Saint - 4TheStreets

2.Loc Saint - Real The Mixtape

3.Loc Saint - Beautiful Mynd

4.Loc Saint - Hard 2 Die

5.Loc Saint - Massacre.

6.Loc Saint - Melody & Madness

7.Loc Saint - Back 2 Rootz

8.Loc Saint - Angelz & Demonz

9.Loc Saint - Phoenix Rising

10.Loc Saint - Youngster

11.Loc Saint - Angelix

12.Loc Saint - Unreleased Vol 1

13.Messengers - Mysterium

14.Loc Saint - Random Released Singles

15.Loc Saint - Never Heard, Never released before song folder


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