Order The 2GB Ultimate Loc Saint Music USB, "The Wing"

The Ultimate Loc Saint Music Collection, "The Wing"

Locsterz, I present you the ultimate Loc Saint music collection, "The Wing" USB. This USB is packed full of 2GB Worth of Loc Saint Music. You are getting my entire discography thus far all on 1 USB, just look what is included on the "Wing":

1.Loc Saint - 4TheStreets

2.Loc Saint - Real The Mixtape

3.Loc Saint - Beautiful Mynd

4.Loc Saint - Hard 2 Die

5.Loc Saint - Massacre.

6.Loc Saint - Melody & Madness

7.Loc Saint - Back 2 Rootz

8.Loc Saint - Angelz & Demonz

9.Loc Saint - Phoenix Rising

10.Loc Saint - Youngster

11.Loc Saint - Angelix

12.Loc Saint - Unreleased Vol 1

13.Messengers - Mysterium

14.Loc Saint - Random Released Singles

15.Loc Saint - Never Heard, Never released before song folder

You will get every single Loc Saint Album thus far, all exclusive releases and non-exclusive releases, the Messengers group album, My random released singles AND....As an added bonus....

a folder of NEW Never heard and never released before songs! 

Quantity's are limited and once there gone, we will not be re-ordering. Own a massive piece of Loc Saint Music History!! Order Yours now here:

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