Last 2 Days to Pre-Order & Receive 2 "Wings"

Every Pre-Order of the Ultimate Loc Saint Music Wings USB will receive 2 Wings!! These are the last 2 days to pre-order your wing.

These amazing USB's feature the entire Loc Saint Music discography thus far including:

1.Loc Saint - 4TheStreets📆

2.Loc Saint - Real The Mixtape😎

3.Loc Saint - Beautiful Mynd🧠

4.Loc Saint - Hard 2 Die☠️

5.Loc Saint - Massacre.

6.Loc Saint - Melody & Madness🎼💥

7.Loc Saint - Back 2 Rootz🌳

8.Loc Saint - Angelz & Demonz😈🤯

9.Loc Saint - Phoenix Rising🎇

10.Loc Saint - Youngster👦

11.Loc Saint - Angelix🤯

12.Loc Saint - Unreleased Vol 1🤬

13.Messengers - Mysterium👽

14.Loc Saint - Random Released Singles🎯

15.Loc Saint - Never Heard, Never released before song folder🔥

Pre-Order Now and you will receive 2 Wings, 1 to give to a friend to introduce them to LSM and 1 for yourself. Pre-Order Now at:

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