Official Announcement Concerning "Trigga'Tongue'Tunez"

Locsterz, you have been anticipating this album for years....Just recently I called upon your help once again to make this album everything I invisioned it to be! If you feel led, please navigate to to pledge your support for Loc Saint & The Making of "TTT", or if you would rather drop a 1 time donation, please visit the "engage/support" page on the loc saint website and click the donate button! All proceeds go to the making of Loc Saint's Next Album "Trigga'Tongue'Tunez".

So...The official Announcement is this...."Trigga'Tongue'Tunez" will be released slowly as singles on all major platforms, before finally releasing as an entire completed album. . .

It's going to take time and financial support to make this album finished!!

BUT...Some of the tracks are already finished. I do not have an official start date when Singles will start to release, but an un-official release is around November....

Keep Your Caps Peeled for what will surely be the Pinnacle of Loc Saint Music Thus Far...."TTT". Pledge Your support for LSM in order to make this album finish quicker and be all that I invisioned it to be!! I CANT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU. I cannot stress that enough. Since I started doing music full time, with no label and no financial backer...this all depends on your guys support!!

I cannot wait for you guys to hear what I have done so far on this album!! By pledging your support on Patreon, you will get early listens and tons of special content!!

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