The Making of Loc Saint's Highly Anticipated album "Trigga'Tongue'Tunez". This album has been talked about for YEARS. Finally, this is a task I am ready to begin, but I will need ALL of the help I can get, to make it a reality!!

As you guys Know, the vision for this album is HUGE. I invision Big Name Features on the album, a massive promo campaign, and a leap 10 steps ahead for Loc Saint Music, when this album releases! I cannot do this without you. I am literally calling on hands on deck for this album. I need everyone who supports Loc Saint Music to make this album with me!!

Your Support is going to be key to the making of this album!! All Donations towards the making of the album will have there name listed on the album artwork as a contributor to the album showing how this album was made!

This Task is a massive one....But I am confident that we can do it together. Donate & Share Today!!

Go Here to Donate & Help Make This Album With Me:

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