Donate To The Massive Loc Saint Sticker Pool

Locsterz, We're looking for dedicated Locsters to donate to the official Massive Loc Saint Sticker Pool !! We're trying to get a MASSIVE AMOUNT Of stickers to plaster all over the world to get the word out about Loc Saint Music!! Every person who donates get's a bundle of stickers. We're specifically looking for donations of $50 or $100. More or less of a donation is acceptable as well tho. Donations of $50 get you 10 stickers. Donations of $100, get's you 20 stickers! Of course higher donations get more stickers as well. If you feel led to donate to the massive Loc Saint Sticker pool, please go to: and click on the "DONATE" Button to donate to the sticker pool, I will contact you after donation is made to thank you and discuss details of when the pool is going to end, and when you should expect your sticker bundle!!!

Let's make this happen Locsterz! This is huge. This grass roots campaign is going to really bring exposure all over the world to LSM as we want these stickers to be plastered everywhere!! There will also be contests after the pool, and after people have received there stickers for the most unique, cool, and/or high traffic area where Locsterz posted there stickers!!!! Donate here:

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