The New Album "Messengers - Mysterium" Drops in Jan. Only On Patreon

Loc Saint Music Presents it's first group project "Messengers - Mysterium". Loc Saint has teamed up with Colt Truth & TruthSeekah to bring you this powerful new album. It is said that what is above is also below and through this album, the Messengers seek to bridge that gap. With amazing singles such as "What Is High" & "Deeper" that envelope you into the multi dimensions and immerse you into the journey of jacob's ladder and the climb to reach the truth.

This album is a Patreon ONLY Release, which mean's you must pledge your support for Loc Saint Music on Patreon to hear this album. If you pledge your support at the "Malakim" Tier, you will receive this entire album for FREE DOWNLOAD Upon soon release!! Pledge Your Support today for LSM on Patreon at:

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