Phoenix Rising Drops With Amazing Reviews

It's Only been 10 day's since the release of "Phoenix Rising", Loc Saint's 1st ever Conscious Album and the Reviews are Amazing! Fans are saying there is no way 1 single track can be loved against the rest because the entire album, every song, is a complete package of amazing content. I would venture to say this has been the most successful Loc Saint release to date, far surpassing the numbers of album's like "Massacre" & "Melody & Madness". We knew opposition would come against this album since a lot of truth is being spoken within it, but we didn't know how it would come. Well, 3 interviews were cancelled within the first week due to "technical difficulties" on all ends of the spectrum. My network and phone became completely scrambled and worthless and I had to literally turn my service off and get a new phone due to the issue. Nevertheless we are pushing past the suppression and moving forward with the release. Loc Saint will be featured on the front cover of "HorrorCore Magazine" this month, so check in with horrorcore magazine and get your copy of the magazine!

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