The Highly Anticipated Loc Saint Album "Angelix" is Officially Out Now. This Harmony Based Album is yet another first from Loc Saint Music. The Album Features such hits as "Lifecoaster", "Back From The Dead" & "Talk To Me". You can order your digital copy on itunes and all other major platforms up top above this paragraph. Order's for Limited Edition Hand Autographed Hard Copies are Available Now by clicking the "Buy Now" Button Below.

Click Buy Now Button Above to Order your limited edition autographed hard copy of loc saint's "Angelix" album. (Order is $20, shipping included within the us)

"Angelix" Official Album Lyric Book




Loc Saint Presents "Angelix" The Official Lyric Book, complete with back stories of each song and personal pictures. So many of you contacted me concerning the lyrics and how much the music has changed your lives. How powerful is the music and the lyrics, powerful enough to change the world, yes, even that. Order Your Paperback or Ebook Copy of "Angelix" The official Lyric Book Now On Amazon. 

December 4, 2019

Yet Another Single Off Trigga'Tongue'Tunez has officially Dropped!!! Loc Saint Music Presents "Immaculated". Download Or Stream Now on the platform of your choice by using this easy link:

October 24, 2019

Playboy The Beast & Loc Saint have teamed up to bring you the new smash single "That G Shit". Out now on all Major platforms. 

Stream On Spotify Now:

September 14, 2019

Locsterz, you have been anticipating this album for years....Just recently I called upon your help once again to make this album everything I invisioned it to be! If you feel led, please navigate to to pledge your support for Loc Saint & The Making of "TTT", or if you would rather drop a 1 time donation, please visit the "engage/support" page on the loc saint website and click the donate button! All proceeds go to the making of Loc Saint's Next Album "Trigga'Tongue'Tunez". 

So...The official Announcement is this...."Trigga'Tongue'Tunez" will be released slowly as singles on all major platforms, b...

September 6, 2019


The Making of Loc Saint's Highly Anticipated album "Trigga'Tongue'Tunez". This album has been talked about for YEARS. Finally, this is a task I am ready to begin, but I will need ALL of the help I can get, to make it a reality!!

As you guys Know, the vision for this album is HUGE. I invision Big Name Features on the album, a massive promo campaign, and a leap 10 steps ahead for Loc Saint Music, when this album releases! I cannot do this without you. I am literally calling on hands on deck for this album. I need everyone who supports Loc Saint Music to make this album w...

August 23, 2019

 We are excited to bring you New Wings & Halo All over Print shirts in the shop!! Order Yours Now at: 

August 13, 2019


These stickers are part of the "Stick It To'Em Loc" Contest!! This is how the contest works. You order a sticker bundle. Then hold on to a few or all of them for contest participation! Sticker Bundles are as follows

5 for $21.97
10 for $46.97
15 for $71.97
20 for $96.97

(Order Your Sticker Bundle at and Start Submitting Entry's When you receive them)

These New Loc Saint Music Stickers are Large 5x4 inch stickers. Weather proof, can go on vehicles, outside, anywhere!!! :

How to enter the contest:

We are looking for the most Unique, Coolest, Craziest, Most P...

August 3, 2019

 Locsterz, We're looking for dedicated Locsters to donate to the official Massive Loc Saint Sticker Pool !! We're trying to get a MASSIVE AMOUNT Of stickers to plaster all over the world to get the word out about Loc Saint Music!! Every person who donates get's a bundle of stickers. We're specifically looking for donations of $50 or $100. More or less of a donation is acceptable as well tho. Donations of $50 get you 10 stickers. Donations of $100, get's you 20 stickers! Of course higher donations get more stickers as well. If you feel led to donate to the massive Loc Saint Sticker pool, please go to: https://www.locsain...

July 13, 2019

 Loc Saint's Highly Anticipated "Angelix" Album dropped on Friday July 12th!! The Reviews are Flooding in and they are amazing!! Fans are calling this "1 of thee Best Album's of the Year", "Pure Fire", "Amazing Songs with a Message", The Jokerr said quote "Listening to Loc Saint's Angelix Album has me just as excited as I was when the New Bone Thugs Est.99 Album Dropped". If you don't get another album this year, you gotta get your digital copy of Loc Saint's "Angelix" which is out now on itunes, apple music, spotify, deezer, youtube, pandora, google play and amazon mp3. We also just uploaded the album to bandcamp as we...

June 19, 2019

 Loc Saint's Highly Anticipated New Album "Angelix" is now Available for Pre-Order On itunes!! Pre-Order Your Digital copy Now to get it right when it drops on July 12th. 

Also...Limited Edition Hard Copies are Available to Pre-Order Now, and will be shipped to you on July 9th! Pre-Order Your Limited Edition hard copy at:

May 6, 2019

 Loc Saint Limited Edition Pendants Are Available Now. Only 100 of these were made. Made of Solid Surgical Steel with a larger clasp that fit *most all necklace Sizes. Order Yours Now in the shop at 

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