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Loc Saint, Enfluentz & Eye Luk 

have teamed up to bring you our first group album, Heavens Heathens "Remnant". This world shaking full album contains 16 tracks of non stop truth bombs. This album is an all out Assault on our current world as Loc, Eye and Enfluentz never lift their fingers off the trigger from start to finish. Pre-Order your limited autographed hard copy now. *Only Pre-Ordered Hard Copies will be autographed by Loc.

"80'z Baby, 90'z Raised Me"

Loc Saint's homage to the 90's. The latest album "80'z Baby, 90'z Raised Me" is Out Now!! 

This old school tribute features legendary artist "Estilo" (Formerly known as Mr.Sancho) Colt Truth, Cele Cortez, Enfluentz, Fizz & Big J.

Order your copy now by clicking the button now!!!